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Brian and Dave


We're older, wiser and we've built the next generation testing tool ...

The ideas behind AscentialTest have been rattling around in our heads for several years. After building QA Partner/SilkTest at Segue Software in the 90s, where Dave was co-founder/Chief Architect and Brian was EVP of R&D, we left to form a consulting firm that helped clients implement test automation software, using the products we had built as well as those from other market leaders.

As consultants we got the opportunity to 'eat our own dog food' so to speak. Our time in the trenches allowed us to make a thorough assessment of the state of the field and what we found surprised us:


Automated tests were too expensive to build and maintain.

The need for programming skills, to move beyond the superficial tests that can be     recorded, left out too many members of the testing team.

A large portion of the test development time was spent 'writing code' to work around     object recognition deficiencies and to create custom frameworks -- most of which were     over-engineered and hard to understand for everyone but the framework author.


It became clear why the decision to adopt automation is not always straightforward.

We kept waiting for a 'next generation' product to appear in the market. Instead, the only thing that happened was consolidation among the vendors. Saddled with high acquisition costs, the surviving vendors focused on recouping their investments and paid little attention to product innovation.

Frustrated, we decided to do something about it. The result is AscentialTest which is built around six key design criteria:

Build the most powerful object recognition engine on the planet.

Eliminate the need for programming skills to build robust, easy to maintain tests.

Kill test frameworks! Seriously. No frameworks allowed!

Simplify test maintenance so that an application change requires only a single change to     its automated test.

Get rid of messy spreadsheets with keywords and test data.

Make testers more productive by automating the process of building automated tests.


We brought innovation back into the automated test market with AscentialTest and our users agree. Some even say our 'drag and drop' test builder is fun to work with -- when was the last time you heard the word 'fun' associated with an automated testing tool?

Already several Fortune 500 companies are migrating from their traditional automated testing tools to AscentialTest. Want to know why they are making the change? Read their reviews - untouched by marketing - on

Curious? Grab a fresh cup of coffee and watch our 2 minute demo so you can see how easy it is to build an automated test in AscentialTest. We think you'll agree that innovation is back in the automated test marketplace and that AscentialTest is the next generation product you've been looking for.

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